Our Research

Our Research Team utilises its expertise and invests time and effort, researching your industry, competitors and ideal prospects, among several other factors.


LinkedIn (SEO)

Our SEO Team works to optimize your LinkedIn Presence with targeted keywords as well as implements various LinkedIn SEO techniques in order to help get you discovered more frequently by your target prospects.


Professional Image Design

Our Art Team designs your LinkedIn Profile's and / or LinkedIn Company Page's Background Photo, as well as consults you on your profile image if required.


Professional Writing

Our Copywriters, Personal / Corporate Branding Experts & Storytellers in collaboration with our LinkedIn Experts, craft your new LinkedIn Summary and / or LinkedIn Company Page Description, as well as go through your LinkedIn Presence in order to ensure the strategic use of words which will prompt your target prospects to action.


Our Focus

Our LinkedIn Presence Makeover Services focus on creating Unique LinkedIn Profiles and / or LinkedIn Company Pages that help you stand out in your professional field while also showcase your personality and / or company in the best possible light, always keeping in mind your professional goals and target prospects.


The Result

Present yourself and / or your company in a way that inspires, impresses and builds confidence in your abilities / products / services, while increasing your chances of getting found by (and having conversations with) your target prospects, hence coming closer to achieving your professional goals.

We're your secret superpower on LinkedIn

We're LinkedSuperPowers and we can make the difference between you being Linked In or Locked Out.
It’s simply not enough to build it & hope they come.
How can they come unless they see you? That’s the biggest issue for people on LinkedIn.
And that’s where LinkedSuperPowers comes in.
➊ Significantly increase your visibility in LinkedIn searches.
➋ Differentiate you with images, videos & copy that enhances & builds your reputation whether you're an individual or a company.
➌ Train you how to most effectively utilize the LinkedIn Platform to attract potential clients, prospects and collaborators.

➍ Increase quality conversations with your target audience.

Whether you’re an individual, an entrepreneur or a company trying to figure out how to get people to notice and engage with you, we have the expertise to make it happen. We can’t tell you all our tricks but we can tell you we go beyond the normal LinkedIn profile writing, utilising killer SEO, specialist copywriting that avoids clichés and some bespoke hacks that we’ve created.

We’ll show you how you can be more than just another entry on LinkedIn, how to show up in more searches and how to create a LinkedIn presence that will make people want to connect with you: one that turns you from a maybe into a must-see. 

Moreover, we'll train you how to master the next revolution in selling. It's happening right now and right here: LinkedIn & Social Selling Techniques that will result in more quality conversations with your target audience. If you want to accelerate your results, this is where you need to be.








Our crew are digital whizzes, highly skilled, creative, multi-disciplinary and fast. Whether it's a recruiter, client, partner or an important connection, we'll have you in great shape the next time they click on your profile.

Dennis Koutoudis

CEO / Founder

Dennis is an internationally recognized LinkedIn & Social Selling Specialist, a speaker and author - Featured on Forbes, Fortune, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur. Dennis is responsible for the growth of LinkedSuperPowers.

Our Research Team

Market / Competitor / Prospect Research

Our Research Team utilises its expertise and invests alot of time and effort, researching the industry, competitors and ideal prospects of our clients, among several other factors.

Our Writing Team

Professional Writing

Our Writing Team crafts the LinkedIn Summaries, Headlines and LinkedIn Company Page Descriptions of our customers, as well as goes through their entire LinkedIn Presence in order to ensure the strategic use of words which will prompt their prospects to action.

Our SEO Team

LinkedIn (SEO)

Our LinkedIn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team optimizes the LinkedIn Presence of our clients with targeted keywords as well as implements various LinkedIn SEO techniques in order to help get them found more frequently by their target prospects.

Our Art Team

Professional Design

Our Art Team designs the Background Photos of our customers’ LinkedIn Profiles / Company Pages, as well as enhances their LinkedIn profile images if this is required.

Our Content Marketing Team

Content Marketing

With years of experience generating top quality content, our Content Creators shape the content marketing efforts of LinkedSuperPowers and its corporate clients.


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What we do.

We help you achieve your professional goals.

Get You Discovered

We get you discovered from your target prospects via advanced LinkedIn SEO.

Make You Professional

We help you stand out in your professional field via our professional services (Copywriting & Image Design).

Make You Unique

We focus on showcasing your personality and specific characteristics in the best possible light.

Make You Trustworthy

We aim to present you in a way that inspires, impresses, and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services.


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