LinkedIn Pulse and why you should be using it!

  I'll get straight to the point like I always do. Here are some reasons why we feel you should be publishing on LinkedIn Pulse: ♦ It will help you establish your Thought / Industry Leadership by elaborating & providing value on your area(s) of expertise.

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LinkedIn Expert Reveals: How to Use Video on your LinkedIn Profile

Let me get straight to the point as I always do: In today's post I'm going to give you some LinkedIn Expert Training on how to UP the visibility and credibility of your LinkedIn Profile. In more detail, today I'm going to show you one of my favorite LinkedIn strategies for our LinkedIn profiles: how to enhance your LinkedIn profile with video!

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LinkedIn Profile Views – How to get more, faster.

When it comes to attracting views on your LinkedIn Profile, firstly it’s all about having a profile that is fully optimized and interesting to the people that come across it and secondly it is about frequently performing several tasks that will generate more traction and attract more eyeballs to your LinkedIn presence. It is about that “magnet effect” that will make people stop and click to your profile to learn more about you.

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