How can a Tourism Enterprise utilize LinkedIn

This article was co-written with Emily Pappas, Certified Social Selling Professional and vital member of our team at LinkedSuperPowers.


So here we go:


LinkedIn is where you'll find the largest network of professionals in the world.

Currently LinkedIn has over 550 million users in 200 countries, and what's even more interesting is that this number grows by 2 new users per second. We are therefore talking about 172.800 new users per day.

The big difference between LinkedIn and other Social Media Networks is that LinkedIn focuses strictly on professionals. It is what we call “Strictly Business”.


Why should a Tourism Enterprise use LinkedIn?

- Because LinkedIn are people with personal lives, include people that have families, people that go on holidays!

- Because LinkedIn users include high net worth individuals (CEOs, Managing Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Founders etc.) with double the buying power of the average web audience. In other words, LinkedIn users have monetary power and are willing to part a portion of their money for the right product, the right service, the right holiday destination.

- Because LinkedIn users are very loyal brand advocates and when they find a brand they like, they tend to stick to it.


A few ways a Tourism Enterprise could use LinkedIn:

- Because it could use LinkedIn as a Publishing Platform where it could post not only its attractive updates (from its LinkedIn Company Page and personal LinkedIn Profiles of members of its team),

but also post its longer articles on LinkedIn Pulse, the publishing platform of LinkedIn, having the opportunity of further amplifying the reach of its brand message (especially if the article is selected by the LinkedIn Editors to be featured in a Pulse Channel).

- Because it could use LinkedIn to get discovered more frequently by its target prospects, when they are looking for specific keywords on the LinkedIn platform, provided that the right LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization efforts have been implemented. What is interesting to mention here is that it is not uncommon to find LinkedIn Company Pages and even personal LinkedIn Profiles to rank at the top positions of Google's search results as well, for specific keywords. This happens because Google loves LinkedIn, it loves its authority, its dynamics and its “link juice”.

- Because it could use LinkedIn as a tool to identify potential prospects and collaborators. By utilizing LinkedIn's powerful search engine with its numerous search filters, a Tourism Enterprise could really zero in on its prospects, with all the benefits that this translates to.

- Because it could use LinkedIn as a tool to find ideal employees for its enterprise. By posting etc. a job on LinkedIn's Job Board we could generate interest from relevant parties who fit certain characteristics and who wish to be employed by our Tourism Enterprise.


Generally speaking, LinkedIn can become a very powerful tool for the economic growth of a Tourism Enterprise, but as any tool it needs to be used in the most effective way for maximum results!

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