Customer Value Marketing and the Upgrade of the Client.

One of the prevalent misconceptions in the digital business universe, especially when it comes to marketing automation platforms, is the application of B2B marketing strategies to B2C practices. Fundamentals governing B2B purchase procedures, are completely different than, and occasionally at loggerheads with, B2C basic principles. B2B is rather linear and direct in structure. The parties engaged in such a relationship are of a fairly similar nature (e.g. a car parts manufacturer addressing a second-hand car dealer).

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LinkedIn Profile Views – How to get more, faster.

When it comes to attracting views on your LinkedIn Profile, firstly it’s all about having a profile that is fully optimized and interesting to the people that come across it and secondly it is about frequently performing several tasks that will generate more traction and attract more eyeballs to your LinkedIn presence. It is about that “magnet effect” that will make people stop and click to your profile to learn more about you.

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Is LinkedIn becoming more like Facebook?

For people that use social media, there is a clear distinction between LinkedIn and Facebook. They are both social media networks, but their purposes are very different. While Facebook was created to be a casual social media network where people find their colleagues, befriend each other, and share funny content and everyday news, LinkedIn was made to serve today's professionals. It was made to allow business people to come together, for companies to communicate with one another, to be a place to look for jobs, a very powerful posting platform and so much more.

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