Golden Opportunity for Banks: Social Media as Powerful Leverage

This post was co-written by our CEO, Dennis Koutoudis together with Athanasios Psathas, CEO of ETVA Industrial Parks, General Manager of Piraeus Bank and former Deputy CEO of Piraeus Bank Romania. So here we go:

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The effect of Social Media on Political Campaigns

What do we all use almost every day? You guessed it, social media! We love staying in touch with our family and friends as well as keeping up to date with latest news & everything that happens in the world. Recently, due to the development of mobile technology, social media has met a rapid expanse making almost everybody in the world use Social Media on a daily basis. With the help of our smart-phones and tablets, we can access social networks and other media means online, with a single touch no matter where we are.

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The role of Social Media in Olympic Games

Social media is an incredible boosting motor when it comes to promoting something, or spreading out the news on a particular subject. It helps businesses announce their new product releases, promote artists and their work, and, of course, it can have the same effect on sportspersons. People love sports, so any professional athlete or sportsperson, regardless of the practiced sport, can increase their popularity on social media. The more fans a sportsperson has, the bigger his or her value will become, when they will negotiate their performance contracts.

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