How to use LinkedIn Hashtags

Are you using hashtags on LinkedIn? If not, you definitely should give this capability a shot!   How? You may ask.   Well, there are a few ways you can use hashtags on LinkedIn:  

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Leverage The Super Power of Your Voice on LinkedIn

Have you noticed the “speaker” icon on the right of some people’s names in their LinkedIn profile? If yes, you’ve come across a feature of LinkedIn called “Record and Display Your Name Pronunciation on Your Profile”, a very interesting feature indeed which gives the visitors of your LinkedIn profile, the ability to hear (in your own voice) how to pronounce your name the right way.

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LinkedIn Trainer Reveals the 3 Major Benefits of LinkedIn Company Pages

Business owners ask me the following question frequently:

Dennis do I really need to have a LinkedIn company page? It seems like everything happens from my personal profile on LinkedIn.

This is what I answer:

I certainly agree that the magic on LinkedIn happens on our personal profiles (mainly because People want to connect with People) but at the same time, the existence of a company page is also of vital importance!

So in the video below, I’ll give you 3 major benefits of having a LinkedIn company page!!

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