The best days and times to post on LinkedIn!

If you decided to share useful and interesting content on LinkedIn, you know you made the right choice. LinkedIn is an extremely powerful platform with a potential of reaching a vast number of individuals. But, even though this is one of the best social media networks, where you can share your posts at, you still need to know when to do so in order to receive maximum exposure for your posts. Although we are firm believers that any time you post on LinkedIn, you are likely to receive some traction from your LinkedIn audience, timing does count. In what manner does it count?

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Why B2C Brands need to be on LinkedIn!

There is a number of individuals & companies these days who think that LinkedIn works only for B2B companies. However, the reality is that B2C companies can also make very effective use of the LinkedIn platform to achieve further brand awareness, build trust and increase sales for their products & services. Let's put it in plain simple terms: LinkedIn not only works for B2B but for B2C companies as well! And it can do so very effectively indeed! Please let me elaborate:

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The effect of Social Media on Political Campaigns

What do we all use almost every day? You guessed it, social media! We love staying in touch with our family and friends as well as keeping up to date with latest news & everything that happens in the world. Recently, due to the development of mobile technology, social media has met a rapid expanse making almost everybody in the world use Social Media on a daily basis. With the help of our smart-phones and tablets, we can access social networks and other media means online, with a single touch no matter where we are.

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